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(I’m sorry if this isn’t exactly like your prompt, I got the cuddly part down, but not the whole growly thing. I wrote this at 1 in the morning while listening to Sweet Transvestite I’m so not sorry but I liked the way it turned out!)

  “Dean. I cannot sleep when you’re like this.”

  “But, Sammy, something could come and hurt you! I’m just protecting you.”

 ”No, Dean, get off me-“

 ”I am not leaving this bed and you will not get me to leave.” A stubborn tone colored Dean’s voice, and the older Winchester scooted against his brother more. Something could kick through the bunker’s doors and what if it came into Sammy’s room? It could hurt him. No, he was not going to leave his brother. That wouldn’t be very loyal at all. He’d be a bad boy then.

 Sam muttered under his breath quietly, trying to shift his position. He was lying on his side, but Dean had his arms around him and it was hard to get more comfortable. This whole spell thing was crazy. It was driving Sam out of his mind. All day, Dean had been giving rude looks at people and even growled at someone who came too close to him. Sam understood the whole pack loyalty thing, and the protective instinct of dogs, but seriously. This was taking it too far. He did not want to sleep with his brother.

 Except .. maybe he did. Just a little.

 Those nice, strong arms around his waist again.. the way Dean shifted against him and spooned against him. Just thinking of those things caused Sam’s cheeks to redden.

 Trying to get his mind out of the gutter-Dean was his brother, for Pete’s sake-the younger Winchester buried his face in his pillow and wriggled his way out from underneath Dean’s grip. “Get off me,” he mumbled. “You can sleep on the bed, but don’t grab me like that.”

 Dean propped himself up on his elbow, his face distraught. “Did I do something wrong? Don’t be like that, Sammy. I’m sorry. Please don’t sound like that. I’m doing my best. I just love you. A lot. Please let me hug you. I love you.” His tone became more and more pitiful with each sentence, until he was practically whimpering. He didn’t understand why Sam was acting this way.

 Sam flipped over on his stomach, his expression softening as he saw the way Dean looked. He didn’t realise that such a simple sentence could hurt his brother so. “No, Dean,” the taller male sighed, “you didn’t do anything wrong. I was just grumpy.” He shrugged a little bit, before meeting Dean’s gaze and smiling a little. “You can hug me again..” His tone was hesitant, but sincere. He didn’t want his brother to look so upset, even though it wasn’t really him, per se. Sam always wanted a dog. He didn’t imagine it coming as his brother, but who was he to complain?

 ”Come on,” he encouraged. “I mean it.”

 Dean’s face lit up, making him look much younger and happier than usual. Before Sam could even think about changing his mind, the older hunter dived on him, nearly knocking the breath out of him. Dean didn’t even seem to notice, as he just positioned himself on top of Sam and nuzzled into the crook of the other’s neck. “You’re the best, Sammy.”

 Sam was frozen in place at the way they were positioned and didn’t seem to hear Dean. The hunter closed his eyes for a moment, trying to keep the color off his cheeks. (And trying to stop some thoughts from going too far south.) Finally, he acknowledged his brother: “Uh.. Yeah. Yeah, thanks. You’re a good boy, too.

 And you can protect me from any monsters under my bed.”

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